A Review of Aroma USB by Protocol


Aromatherapy in the Computer Age
Judging from many of the comments that people leave in the message sections of controversial news stories, there are many computer users who should take a deep breath and calm themselves before hitting the enter key. A new product called Aroma USB™ from Protocol, aims to help them do just that.
The kit comes with the Aroma USB device, a tiny plastic eye dropper, and a very tiny bottle of essential oil to be used in the device. The bottle contains enough oil for perhaps two or three uses at a single drop per use. The eyedropper seems to have the same diameter as the opening in the bottle so it is difficult to fit it inside to collect the oil for use. The small size of the bottle and the tight fit of the eyedropper are the two biggest drawbacks to the kit that I found.
Essential Oil Varieties
The Aroma USB kits from Protocol are available in several varieties. I tried the green kit labeled Calming which offers a green tea and wildflower oil and Clarity which says it contains oil of lemongrass and citrus. There are other varieties available as well. Both had strong, but not unpleasant odors when smelled directly from the bottle, but were much more subtle when used in the Aroma USB diffuser.
Use Aroma USB with your own Essential Oils